Once home to one of Dorchester’s most historic landmarks, Eldridge Pope Brewery which ceased production in the early 2000s, the heart of the town centre is now a vibrant and bustling urban quarter known as Brewery Square.

Redeveloped in the early 2010s, Brewery Square has become a leisure hub that combines a dynamic shopping environment, hotel accommodations, residential spaces, offices, and numerous activities for the community. 

A key element enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Brewery Square is its prominent water feature located in the centre of the square, a dry plaza feature consisting of 37 Oase jets and RGB LEDs. Thanks to the innovative technology from Oase these jets can be individually programmed to create dynamic water displays, with the water dancing up to 2 metres vertically, leaving endless possibilities for shows with over millions of different colour combinations available. 

Set to a scheduler, the water feature performs different shows throughout the day, captivating the public with its mesmerising displays. As night falls, the RGB LEDs create an enchanting visual spectacle that captivates passersby, making them stop and marvel at the vibrant light and water choreography.

Since the installation of this feature it has been a massive success with locals and visitors from a far, keeping the children entertained on hot days whilst parents enjoy the visual water choreography having a coffee nearby. 

The feature is designed with safety and sustainability in mind. Water returns to the storage reservoir below through subtle open paving slots surrounding the feature ready for the system to automatically circulate, filter, and chemically dose the water. This ensures it remains operational by removing suspended debris and safe for public interaction, as well as visually pleasing at all times in such a prominent location.

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