Heathrow T5 Water Feature Hyland Edgar Driver

Ocmis worked closely with Hyland Edgar Driver to develop a water feature to suit the scale of the new Heathrow Terminal 5. The 39 meter high glass façade conveys power and modernity. Positioned in between the terminal and car park, the Interchange Plaza is an intimate space with mature trees and planting that allows visitors to spend time relaxing. Positioned adjacent to the main pedestrian routes between the car park and the terminal the dry plaza fountain provides animation, light and sound.

The 55 Choreoswitch™ waterswitches are linked to 11 pumps located in a purpose built basement plant room beneath the Plaza. The combination of individual nozzle switching and control of the pumps enables Ocmis to programme displays to suit any occasion. The switches are linked to a DMX unit that also controls the 110 colour changing LED lights integrated into the nozzle housings. Displays can be fast and energetic with dramatic colours or subdued and gentle.

The scheme took three years to develop from the design concept to the start of construction. Ocmis were contracted to Laing O’Rourke and worked closely with them to deliver the project safely, on programme and on budget. Building standards at Heathrow Terminal 5 were exacting and it was an exciting challenge for the Ocmis design team and engineers to work to the rigorous standards.

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