Lahinch Golf Club stands as a beloved destination for golfers worldwide. Since its establishment in 1892, it has offered a timeless golfing experience against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. With its challenging layout of undulating fairways, deep bunkers and unpredictable coastal winds, Lahinch tests player’s skills at every turn. In 2023, the club embarked on upgrading their irrigation system for the Old Course, partnering with Adrian Mortram Associates (AMA) and Ocmis.

Recognising the need to modernise its irrigation system, Lahinch Golf Club, with the expertise of AMA, aimed to enhance course maintenance amid the rugged terrain and Atlantic climate. Ocmis was chosen through a tender process to install a new Rain Bird system, leveraging advanced technology to optimise water usage and course performance.

Ocmis collaborated closely with Lahinch Golf Club and AMA to implement the advanced irrigation system. Utilizing Rain Bird’s new technology, precision nozzles, a weather station and Cirrus Pro central control software was installed to maximise water efficiency and course performance, tailored to Lahinch’s unique landscape.

Executing with precision, Ocmis overcame challenges posed by the course’s topography and coastal environment. The installation team seamlessly integrated the Rain Bird system, meeting design specifications and project timelines, exceeding Lahinch Golf Club’s expectations.

Throughout the project, Ocmis diligently navigated logistical challenges, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Planning for future needs, such as potential pump installations for additional courses, showcased Ocmis’ forward-thinking approach to minimise future costs for the client.

The installation of the new Rain Bird system has transformed the Old Course, yielding tangible benefits in sustainability and playability. Ocmis’ installation significantly reduced water consumption, leading to cost savings and environmental conservation. Improved turf health has enhanced the overall golfing experience for members.

The collaboration between Ocmis, Lahinch Golf Club and AMA highlights Ocmis’ commitment to sustainability in golf course management. By installing new technology with care and precision, Ocmis has not only helped Lahinch achieve sustainability goals but also elevated the playability and aesthetic appeal of the Old Course, ensuring its quality for years to come and further enhancing its position in the Top 100 Golf Courses Worldwide.

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