The Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA), a renowned cultural hub, opened in 2007, with the intention to enrich the community with modern and contemporary art and has been pivotal in changing perceptions of Middlesbrough’s arts landscape. Ocmis were approached to design and install a plaza fountain to celebrate the launch, a significant project that enhances both the aesthetic and environmental value of the gallery, aligning with MIMA’s commitment to sustainability and community involvement.

The feature consists of 120 No. aerated water switches covered by stainless steel laser cut grilles, illuminated by 136 No. submersible lights installed within the paving slabs of the pool. Each water switch is installed 50mm beneath the water level and rises to 1.2m high, with a programmable controller individually adjusting the speed of the display pumps thus allowing different jet heights to be scheduled throughout the day. The system also includes a wind anemometer, which is linked into the controller, to reduce jet height during periods of high wind therefore reducing water wastage by over spray. When this feature isn’t running it remains as a gorgeous, serene pool and to this day remains to be extremely popular and beloved by the community, even being used by the council to create awareness for different causes by changing the colour of the water. 

The plant room, located within the Town Hall building 35 metres from the fountain, houses a sophisticated filtration system that removes debris and treats the water to ensure safety and cleanliness. An automatic water monitoring system continuously checks pH levels, chemical balance, and overall quality, making real-time adjustments to maintain hygiene standards for public interaction. This ensures the fountain remains safe, clean, and visually appealing.

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