Ocmis installed the irrigation systems to the Olympic North Park and Eton Manor as part of the major construction works in the run up to the games. The project was so large and complex that several landscape contractors were working on the site simultaneously to ensure the deadline was met. Ocmis were given the responsibility of installing the irrigation system across all three of the North Park work zones, working with different contractors in each area and ensuring the soft landscape had water available as soon as it was planted.

The North Park is divided by the River Lea running north to south; the A12 running east to west separates the Eton Manor site from the main park. The site wide non-potable water main is operated by Thames Water and supplies high quality treated water from the nearby sewage treatment plant. This system supplies water for irrigation, toilet flushing and other non-potable applications in the surrounding buildings.

Ocmis fitted separate automatic pump stations to each of the three areas to provide enough flow and pressure for the irrigation system. The pumps automatically regulate the flow into the irrigation main depending on demand.

29,000 metres of underground pipe work was installed as the construction works progressed. The pipe work was laid as the complex landforms were constructed, with the control cables installed alongside the pipe. The works were carefully sequenced with the installation of other services, construction haul roads, bridge, road, path installations and many other factors, all to a critical programme.

The irrigation controllers allow the maintenance teams to easily adjust the amounts and frequency of irrigation. The systems were programmed with run time data based on the application rates for each area; adjustment of this ensures quick and accurate scheduling to minimise water use. The shrubs, trees, lawns and meadows all have different water requirements depending on the aspect and location.

Ocmis installed the systems with our own directly employed installation teams to ensure quality and continuity throughout the park. With 1100 sprinklers, 52,000 metres of drip pipe and 1200 trees to irrigate, benchmarking, good working practices, communication and work scheduling were key to delivering the schemes on time.

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