The Horlicks Quarter, located in Slough in the Royal County of Berkshire, about 20 miles from London, has been redeveloped into a new selection of stylish apartments, penthouses and houses.

The redevelopment of the Horlicks Quarter includes the modern icon – the Horlicks Factory. Open since 1908, the factory has dominated the Slough Skyline and is the town’s most recognised and loved landmark, now imaginatively redefined to provide luxury living spaces.

As part of the redevelopment, Ocmis working with the Berkeley Group have developed a variety of different water features, including elegant rills, striking corten steel pools, captivating memorial cascades and a stunning dry plaza fountain to bring visually pleasing enjoyment for all the new residents and public.

When walking through the Horlicks Quarter, you will walk alongside two corten steel pools, reflecting the sky and the newly developed apartment buildings. The custom fabricated corten steel brings a unique visual to the pools, whilst covering the waters entry and exit point, allowing for a seamless effect to match the redeveloped areas aesthetic.

Three rills meander through the picturesque landscape, each carving their own unique path to follow, a simple yet effective feature complimented by eye-catching stone work. Similar to the pool, these rills are a fantastic addition as unlike the dry plaza feature, they produce little to no noise, ensuring minimal disturbance to residents during the earlier and later hours of the day.  

One of the main attractions to the Horlicks Quarter area is their bronze memorial statue, standing directly across from the entrance of the factory. Two cascades were installed either side of the memorial, enhancing what was once overgrown land to highlight where the statue stands. Both cascades create a relaxing flow of water, complimenting the stone work giving a reflective effect before water intentionally flows over the curved edge creating the monuments tranquil scenery. Water is then collected in a channel with the overflow depth allowing for minimal splash or spillage onto the pathway.

The dry plaza fountain, located in front of the brand new Factory Cafe, means members of the public and local residents will be able to enjoy dancing jet shows whilst enjoying their morning coffee or walking through the redeveloped area whilst children can enjoy playing in the jets. As the evenings begin to draw in, each jet is equipped with RGB LED lights allowing the feature to come to life with colour, having over 16 million colour combinations leaving endless possibilities when programming shows for all to enjoy. Each jet is individually controllable, allowing unique shows to be created with a maximum jet height of two metres; meaning this feature is sure to stand out prominently.

All of the features are serviced by a single plant room and control system, conveniently located near the installations. This system incorporates the latest innovations in water filtration and treatment. Having a centralised control system simplifies system monitoring and allows Ocmis engineers to make quick adjustments to the displays and light shows without sacrificing significant space on site.

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