As part of the prestigious Lillie Square development in London’s Earls Court, Ocmis were awarded the contract for the installation of the water feature and the site wide landscape irrigation system. Ocmis were contracted to Sir Robert McAlpine for the works and worked closely with them to install the systems. The water feature, contemporary garden-square landscape and river walk were designed by Andy Sturgeon, who have created a wonderful park for the residents to wander through and relax in.

Reflective Pool Water Feature

The water table is constructed from four different types of granite in a variety of finishes. The infinity edge around the perimeter of the raised feature together with the wetted granite sides, makes the whole installation a highly reflective piece during the day, and is particularly attractive under the ambient lighting at night.

Ocmis installed an automatic filtration and treatment system to keep the water clean and clear, to enhance the reflective qualities. The water feature equipment and controls necessary to operate the feature are housed in a basement plant room where it is easily accessible for maintenance but out of sight of residents.

Garden Irrigation

The landscape is on a podium deck above the car park. The automatic irrigation maintains the trees, shrubs and lawns to ensure a healthy green space. Rain Bird equipment was used throughout the installation, including Xeri-Bug drip emitters to irrigate the trees, 1800 series sprinklers to irrigate the lawn areas, and 17mm XF Series Dripline to irrigate the shrubs.

The control of the irrigation system is handled by a PC based Rain Bird Site Control LT control system, which individually controls each solenoid valve. The irrigation plant room is located out of view of the residents. The irrigation system operates within a 6-hour time window over night to reduce water loss through evaporation and avoid any inconvenience to the residents. A remote access system is installed to enable maintenance teams to operate the irrigation system through a Smartphone app, which helps to ensure residents don’t get wet when the system is being operated manually.

The Client commented that “…the Ocmis team were very professional and provided a scheme that has met our expectations to the full”

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