Luffness New Golf Club, a prestigious golfing destination known for its rich history and impeccable course, faced significant challenges with its aging irrigation system.

The existing system was outdated, plagued with leaks and unreliable, leading to inconsistent water distribution and increased maintenance costs. To address these issues, the club decided to invest in a brand-new irrigation system.
They consulted with irrigation designer Adrian Mortram of Adrian Mortram Associates, upon reviewing the existing irrigation system, it became evident that the club needed a comprehensive upgrade to maintain the high standards of their golf course. The key issues that prompted the decision were: –

  • Water Inefficiency – The old system’s leaks and inefficiencies led to water wastage which not only impacted the course’s condition but also resulted in higher running costs.
  • Increased Maintenance Costs – Frequent repairs and maintenance of the outdated system diverted resources and manpower from other critical maintenance tasks. 

Luffness New Golf Club elected to use Rain Bird equipment for their full fairway irrigation system including the latest CirrusPRO Central Control software which offered advanced water management capabilities. It allowed for precise control over watering schedules, considering factors like weather, soil moisture and course layout. This efficient water management led to reduced water consumption and lower costs. The new system’s advanced diagnostics and real-time monitoring capabilities made maintenance more straightforward. Installation also included a brand-new water storage tank which is replenished by a borehole system and can store a whole 24-hour irrigation supply. 

Once OCMIS were awarded the project, they collaborated closely with the irrigation consultant. While the consultant had the primary role in the design process, OCMIS worked in tandem with him to ensure the design could be successfully implemented during installation. OCMIS drawing on their extensive experience in irrigation system installation, meticulously executed the installation based on the design. They set out the sprinklers and valve boxes precisely, ensuring optimal water distribution across the golf course. 

 Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the consultant and OCMIS, the installation of the brand-new Rain Bird irrigation system was completed on time and within the agreed budget. OCMIS’s active involvement in the project contributed to its smooth execution leaving the club’s members highly impressed with the results. Multiple compliments were received praising the expertise and professionalism shown by OCMIS throughout.

‘The work ethic of the OCMIS workforce under the management of Bill McIsaac was exceptional, working full days from before dawn to after dusk throughout. The quality of the workmanship was very evident.’ – Peter Grant (Club Captain) 

The decision to invest in a brand-new Rain Bird irrigation system and partner with Adrian Mortram and OCMIS proved to be a winning combination for Luffness New Golf Club. The club successfully addressed the challenges posed by their old irrigation system and reaped numerous rewards from this well-planned investment. With a highly efficient and reliable irrigation system in place, the golf course is poised to maintain its excellence, satisfy its members, and further solidify its reputation as a premier golfing destination along with having a system that will leave a legacy at the club for many years. 

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