Wellingborough Golf Club situated in Northamptonshire, is an 18-hole championship golf course designed to cater to golfers of all skill levels with superb golfing facilities. The club’s dedication to maintaining impeccable greens, tees, and approaches led them to partner with Ocmis and Irriplan for their irrigation system installation in 2023.

Ocmis’ first introduction to Wellingborough Golf Club was through a tender process led by Irriplan Ltd. Ocmis put together a tender package to ensure all parties were satisfied with the works with a project timeline being planned for a winter installation in 2023.

When reviewing the project timelines, it became apparent that there was a gap in our program that suited a spring/summer installation. After many discussions with the club to see if there was an opportunity to fit this installation in during the club’s busiest time of the year, Ocmis was awarded the contract to install a brand-new Rain Bird irrigation system to the Greens, Tees, and Approaches.

Due to the club having many club competitions taking place throughout the summer, Ocmis collaborated closely with Wellingborough Golf Club to ensure the course was left in pristine condition during our installation works to ensure that member and visitor experience was not impacted.

Our installation commenced in late May 2023 with completion targeted for the first week of July. The project, which included 10km of pipework and nearly 400 sprinklers was completed and signed off in just under 40 days!

Installing an irrigation system at Wellingborough Golf Club during the peak summer months in a remarkable 40-day timeframe provided substantial benefits for both the club and Ocmis. For the golf club, this swift installation ensured that their greens, tees, and approaches received timely and consistent watering, mitigating the challenges posed by dry and hot conditions. As a result, the playing surfaces flourished, which solidified the club’s reputation for impeccable course conditions. This prompt installation also enabled the club to continue its operations with very minimal disruption, a vital factor during the peak golfing season.

For Ocmis, successfully executing the installation within this tight timeframe showcased our efficiency and technical prowess. The swift completion highlighted our commitment to meeting client needs and delivering results promptly.

The installation of the irrigation system stands as a resounding success, leaving both the client and club members thoroughly pleased. The transformed greens, tees, and approaches brought to life by the irrigation system reflect a commitment from Wellingborough Golf Club to maintaining the highest standards for its members and visitors. The collaboration between Ocmis and the club ensured that the project was executed swiftly and seamlessly whilst leaving an irrigation system for the golf club to cherish for many years to come.

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